New Zealand Mosaic Art


A challenge for entrants and voters both!
Viewers enjoyed the vibrancy, colour, concepts and metaphor, originality and choice of materials but often found themselves in a quandry when it came to making a decision. One viewer commented that it was “Real New Zealand stuff. Getting to the heart of the nature of New Zealand…really important art.” Echoed also in the observation, “whilst appreciating the originality & happiness expressed in the work” it was noted that there were some dark hidden messages.

Our winner is Helen Campbell for ‘Celebrating our Night Sky’

Viewers comments. “I commend this work for such an original theme and the milky way is captured just as it looks down there.” “I love the use of materials and I believe it will catch the light in so many ways and I just want to keep looking at it.” “I think this piece is just lovely and brought back some wonderful memories of when I was a kid, living in the middle of the bush, miles from anywhere and no artificial light, lying in my bed at night with my curtains open and looking at the night sky. To this day I will often find a darker place to go and check it out still.”

The prize is one year’s free membership of NZMA Inc

Many works are for sale. Information will be posted on the New Zealand Facebook page shortly.


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