New Zealand Mosaic Art

Thank you all for your enthusiastic support. As you can see many of the contributing artists are well known in our New Zealand mosaic community but in this competition we have been delighted to welcome some of our newest members.

Choosing was very hard apparently. There was much mulling over and so much variety in style, materials and story to confound the decision viewers eventually had to make. There was something to appeal to everyone. As one viewer expressed it, “I had a top 3, and was torn between them for ages … In the end I went with the mosaic I’d most like to own, using the tesserae I like to use best too.”

Although there was no theme set for this competition, our Kiwi environment was clearly influential in many of the mosaics submitted. The artists’ stories told us of memories of camping as kids, tramping the Milford Track and visiting other beautiful places in New Zealand, enjoying the company of brothers on a Kapiti beach, remembering a local beekeeper and her beautiful garden and being inspired on a drive through the beautiful South Canterbury scenery. One viewer liked the sensitivity shown to the artist’s living space in Wellington; a view of Pencarrow. “A real NZ image very well done.” In fact, ‘Pencarrow’ attracted enough member votes to put it in second place. Well done Achilles.

Others enjoyed the creative use of materials, amazing pops of colour, a cheeky bunny and the warmth of feeling a composition generated.

Our winner is Helen Campbell for ‘Waterfall’

“There is so much movement in this piece I can almost feel the water.” ”The mossy green and blue colour has been used in a subtle yet powerful way. The waterfall itself has been captured beautifully – you can just about hear it roar. A gentle yet bold piece.”

The prize is $100

A few works are for sale. Information will be posted on the New Zealand Facebook page shortly.

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