New Zealand Mosaic Art

A community of engaged & inspired artists

New Zealand Mosaic Art Inc was established in 2017 to provide a strong sense of mosaic community in New Zealand.

Whether you want to commission a mosaic, make a mosaic or just enjoy looking at what New Zealand mosaic artists have created, there is plenty for you on this site.

You can also become a member of New Zealand Mosaic Art (NZMA ) and enjoy the benefits of membership.

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Online Competitions

Occasional Competitions to keep members on their creative toes

Available for viewing now. Follow the link to the gallery and enjoy the mosaics and the stories behind them.


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National Exhibition 2021

Estuary Art Centre, Orewa

National Exhibition – Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa 18th October – 14th November 2021.

Exhibitors, plan and prepare!  Art appreciators anticipate a stunning exhibition.

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Public Art

Find out where to go in New Zealand to enjoy mosaic art in public spaces. Some are works by individual members but most are collaborative efforts by teams

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Member Gallery

Our members invite you to view their mosaic art works. Find out about them, what inspires their mosaics, what media they use and whether they would welcome your commission.

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Artist Spotlight

Con Kiernan

Con is respected by the mosaic community internationally. He has long believed in promoting mosaic art in New Zealand and beyond. He is chosen as our first artist for the Spotlight because of his support for the NZMA ideals.

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