New Zealand Mosaic Art

This November 2021 Online Competition was our fourth since they started in 2020. This time there was no theme. Entry closed Friday 19 November 5pm. All exhibitors are members of the NZMA.

The members voted a top 3 of winners. In no particular order, these are Pat George – Surfacing, Wendy Whitehead – Aimee’s Dream, Seagull Ride and Paul Harper – Finding Your Place, each received a $50 voucher NZMA purchased from Mosaic Trader, Funky Glass Art or MACS Mosaics.

The voting is ‘blind’; the names of the artists will be added to the entries after the Zoom prize giving on December 3rd. Members will receive an invitation.


1) African Girl
2) “Te Awa” – the River
3) Alphabet Orb
4) Climate Change Cousins
5) Shot Through the Heart
6) Under Pressure
7) Aimee’s Dream – Seagull’s Ride
8) Little Red Riding Hood’s Journey
9) Finding your Place
10) Bessie’s Beaut Blue Bathers
11) Go with the Flow
12) Surfacing
13) Fly with Me
14) Swimming with Sharks
15) Be Gentle with Me
16) Oak Leaf

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