New Zealand Mosaic Art

Wendy Paul

I started mosaics when creating my new garden about three years ago. I wanted something interesting to put in my garden and decided on mosaiced clay pipes after seeing photos of some. These belonged to a woman that taught mosaics in Cambridge. I started going to her classes and made three clay pipes. I was going to finish mosaics after that but I became ‘hooked’. I saw beautiful mirrors that people were making with stained glass so starting making those. Iridised stained glass is my absolute favourite material to work with as it adds another dimension since it changes with the light and angle that you look at it. I have used it for mirrors, and hanging birds and fish. The piece that has drawn the most attention is a small round table decorated with naïve houses using stained glass. Many people have asked me if I will do commissions and the answer is “Yes”.

Location:  Cambridge

Contact me:  [email protected]

Wayne Goldsack

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