New Zealand Mosaic Art

Sandra Holmes

I began making mosaics in 2014 as a distraction from cancer treatment, and found a peace and therapy in the art I hadn’t experienced before. Initially starting in tiles and china, I then moved onto using glass for the sheer variety of colours available. With no formal art training and being self-taught I have never been afraid to experiment with techniques and styles that has led to some wonderful creative challenges which has enabled a growth and versatility in my work. My trading name Beautifully Broken was born from a desire to leave something beautiful behind from my broken pieces and while cancer free currently, that philosophy continues. In 2018 I was involved in the creation of 16 torsos from donated pieces on mesh from around the world to raise funds for breast cancer.

With a constant desire to create, my own collection is at capacity so new creations are available for purchase on request. While I don’t take commissions, I am happy to work on collaborations with clients to take the basis of their vision and intertwine it with my own creative style to create something unique and meaningful.

Location:  Waiuku, South Auckland

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