New Zealand Mosaic Art

Leo Geerlings

I stumbled onto mosaic art more or less by accident.  About 15 years ago I had this old sun-umbrella stand that was getting a bit dodgy, so I set it in a car tyre and then poured concrete all around it forming a nice smooth dome.  However, I thought the concrete looked a bit dull so I got some tiles and smashed them with a hammer and with the pieces I formed a Koru pattern on the concrete.  The result is shown on my blog with the title “Koru”.  And I have gone on from there.  I have worked mostly with ceramic tiles and mirror glass, but lately I have started working with coloured glass also, particularly after completing a course at Con Kiernan’s.  I have found mosaic art to be an excellent outlet for exercising the side of my brain I didn’t use in my accounting job.  I have successfully completed one commission (“Four Stories”) and I am happy to consider further commissions.

See my work:

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