New Zealand Mosaic Art

John Botica

My obsession with pebble mosaics began later in life after a career as a professional tennis coach in Germany. For one I needed killer instincts and for the other, a passion which drives me to work seven days a week. I’ve been in NZ for 20 years and try to pay tribute to its beauty and motifs through my pebble mosaics. It was simple serendipity that a landscaping friend asked me to stand in for the only known pebble artist at the time to create a mosaic for a client. At the time I had only tiled the kitchen! It took me three months and I was completely hooked. I thought to myself, I am really born for this stuff and have since been happily creating for 8 years.

My plans for the future include continuing to work with motifs of the flora and fauna of New Zealand, large-scale mosaics for a private client in America, and taking mosaics from outdoors to indoors, from the floor to the wall.

One of my biggest dreams is to get mosaics vertically upright, installed into a wall. I think it would have a much greater visual impact than being horizontal.

I have created mosaics for many private clients and public spaces throughout NZ.

See my work:


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