New Zealand Mosaic Art

Jackie Strickland

I was introduced to mosaics around 6 years ago when my cousin showed me some of her work.  I quickly became entranced with the never-ending possibilities of working in this medium.  I initially used broken china and ceramic tiles for my early compositions but gradually moved on to trying glass tiles, stained glass, beads, glass shapes and more.

I entered the National Exhibition of Mosaic Art in 2016 and was very honoured to win the 2D and Overall Winner awards.

I love the texture of mosaics – I always want to run my hands over a beautiful work (and normally you can) to get that extra sensory feel for it, that extra understanding of what the work is. I find the entire process of creating a mosaic artwork satisfies something deep within my soul and I will always create mosaics as this art form has a very definite hold on my heart.

Location:  Whangarei

See my work:

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