New Zealand Mosaic Art

Helen Jones

Location: From the UK to Whanganui

My introduction to mosaicing was a poignant moment in my life as a primary teacher in the UK; one of my pupils was tragically killed in a riding accident. Her fellow classmates and friends wanted desperately to find a way to honour and celebrate her life and so a memorial garden was planned. The resulting mosaic benches and paving stones, which we all made together, are a truly perfect way to remember her. And so my love of mosaics and the craft itself began!

I have experimented on projects ranging from the steps of my apartment using all recycled resources. The trencardis technique inspired by the master Gaudi himself is a particular style I enjoy working with. (My trip to Barcelona in 2020 was an incredible opportunity and an absolute thrill!)

I have also worked on much smaller pieces, adding colour to local beach pebbles which work wonderfully as door stops and occasional gifts for friends and family.

I am currently learning to have enough patience to create a mandala tabletop and I can’t wait to continue learning and discovering the joy of mosaics here in NZ.

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