New Zealand Mosaic Art

Frankie McNaught

I first became interested in mosaics after breaking my shoulder and looking for something to fill my rehabilitation time. My mosaics have taken on many forms from the straightforward through to incorporating mixed media. I enjoy all forms of mosaics and hope to keep expanding my ideas and knowledge while trying to create things that have uniqueness about them to bring a smile, or inspire others.

My passion is the challenge and planning of a sculpture making changes to the form and solving design issues as the piece takes shape while, seeing mosaic working well alongside wood, leather, and other materials, I find amazing.

My first sculpture was made completely of balls and it stands in a hospital clinic in London.

My most challenging sculpture to date was ‘Clown’, I learnt a lot and I am happy with the outcome. I’m always inspired by any type of mosaic that makes me go ‘Wow’. I welcome feedback and commissions of uniqueness.

Contact: [email protected] 


Location:  Franklin/Auckland

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