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Siapo - Dessa Bluu

Dessa Bluu

I create Mosaic Art and primarily Mosaic with a Pasifika association. I have always admired and respected other people’s art so later on in years I decided to take a deep breath and create my own. So here I am, Dessa Bluu, a name I also made up some years back and use solely to personalise my Art – that’s another story. I was taught by a very dear friend of mine how to mosaic a terracotta pot and I instantly fell in love with the entire process of mosaic.

Why and what I create comes from within. They are emotions and vivid recounts of my bi-cultural life. My Art is not always about representation of Pasifika as such, it’s about – “I am Pasifika and I want to create.” I try to keep my creations reasonably simple and hope to catch an inquisitive and captivated eye. Most of the pieces have their unique values and meanings and if they are received entirely differently from my perspective, this is abundantly welcome – the difference between what I see and what you see is something so beautiful in the Arts. My works are NZ made and what I mean by this is, if my works portray a snippet of NZ at best, that makes me proud. My works are created with significant Maori, Pasifika & Paheka identities and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My usual process of how I create a Mosaic piece begins with sketching ideas onto a pad and then transposing the ideas by hand sketching them onto substrates. I score and break glass using a few simple tools; namely the hand held glass cutter/scorer, running plier, breaker grozier plier and nippers. I think about how I want my visions to appear, the colours, shades, glass sizes and the formation of my works. I place each piece of glass down until I see the full picture of the Mosaic, then I proceed to glue them down. This placing process is standard for me because – “My thoughts are my Mosaics” during this development stage and I am also one of those people that changes my mind like the wind. The thoughts and ideas never change but everything else could. Once I am happy with the positioning of the overall effect I finally glue each piece down again one by one. This is a long and laborious process but it is a process that works for me. Lastly, I make sure the finishing’s of my works are just as good as the actual Mosaic itself. It would be an injustice to the Mosaic if the edging, grouting and sealing processes were not up to the standard of what I’ve spent hours and hours creating.

Mosaic Art is an inspirational world, where I can just be me.

Location:  Tairua, Coromandel

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