New Zealand Mosaic Art

Claire Fairweather

Many years ago I got into stained glass, inspired by the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany. I loved the beautiful sheets of coloured glass, and creating the designs, but did not enjoy the soldering. So I then went on to develop my own style of mosaic, cutting the pieces of glass but sticking them to board and grouting the joint lines instead of using lead and solder.

After immigrating to New Zealand in 2009 and living in an apartment which was not suitable for cutting glass, I started making my own polymer clay tiles for mosaic artwork as an alternative to stained glass, which was never quite the right shade or pattern. There is the opportunity to do so much more when making mosaic tiles from polymer clay that is not possible with glass or ceramic tiles.

My mosaic style has developed over the years and I am currently creating contemporary 2D and 3D mosaic art with round mosaic tiles. Inspired by nature and colour, particularly landscapes, flowers and Kiwiana, I enjoy exhibiting and selling my work through local art centres and selected art and craft markets.

Location:  Whangamata (Coromandel)

See my work:

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