New Zealand Mosaic Art

Beth Braddock

I’ve been making small mosaics, using picassiette and the direct method, for about 10 years. I love the way light is reflected from the varying surfaces broken crockery provides, and how the unpredictability of breaks makes it necessary to be creative. I mostly make small items, like keyholders, placemats and pavers, for family and friends. I like to use china that the person has given me, and I prefer to customize the mosaic to suit what I know of the recipient. Since retiring, I have invited a few people to work on their projects alongside me in my small workroom. I am mostly self-taught, although I did a night class many years ago and one year ago spent a wonderful week with Con Kiernan learning to cut glass, build up shapes and be precise.

Location:  Plimmerton, Porirua City

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