New Zealand Mosaic Art

The Magic of Mosaic

National Mosaic Exhibition of New Zealand

These are some excerpt notes from Australian Artist Dominic Johns who was the Judge for the show.

If the premise of the New Zealand organizers’ of the National Exhibition 2013 was to highlight “The Magic of Mosaic”, happening in isolated pockets all over NZ – then they certainly succeeded. In the many shows I have attended around the world, the majority of work in this exhibition would’ve sat well in any of them. I was quite taken with the overall quality of craftsmanship evidenced in the works, and recognized a distinct emergence of Kiwi Style, works telling stories that were distinctly New Zealand. It was a difficult job selecting some works over others and being a blind judging without titles, some significance of works may have been missed. However, the main premise I kept going back to was the title of the show.

Con Kiernan’sA Gathering Storm (et al names), show Kiernan as a master of his craft. The composition in Bas-relief contains colour, variety of material and texture and a combination of techniques that all work harmoniously to tell the story that Kiernan has imbibed into the main characters. Storytelling at its best, whilst being accessible to everyone.

Gloria WelchPeacock Tresor was a superbly crafted work in mirror both artistic and functional. It displayed a high standard of execution that was perfectly staged with adequate scale. The people who see this will be impressed.
It would’ve been even better had it referenced something more New Zealand.

Jennie Cooper’s Colour Palette, created plenty of magic in the alchemy of colour and material that she has obviously been collecting for some time. Clues of place and travel are lovingly placed providing a tantalizing smorgasbord of delight and discovery. Hers seems to be the suggestion that anything is possible in this medium.


Dominic Johns
Mosaicist, Artist and Educator.

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